Cohen Eyal


I spent a short time in dnipropetrovsk and I found Nataliia on the internet. It was an excellent tour, Nataliia is very knowledgeable with perfect English and a very pleasant person. I highly recommend to have her if you need any assistance in dnipropetrovsk and you want to know about the history of the city. Highly recommend


Alex Simmons


I have been regularly coming back and forth to Dnipro for over 10 years now as my developers are located here, however I have always been reliant on my colleagues to chaperone and translate for me everywhere even though I know a little bit of Russian, however in 2016 I decided to become much more independent from my colleagues as I am staying longer in the city these days. Having looked on the internet contacted a couple of others, who either did not respond or when I spoke to them their English was not actually that good, then I found Nataliia's website, I contacted her, gave her my long list of requirements, she responded very quickly and then arranged to speak with her. She is very articulate and her spoken and written English is excellent!! Furthermore, Nataliia will go out of her way to make sure all your translation needs are met at all times, she can organise anything for you while you are in Dnipro city including transport, accommodation, restaurant reservations, she can be your interpreter at business meetings as well as personal meetings, including at weddings and other events. She shows attention to detail at all times, has a great sense of humour, is very friendly and above all puts all her clients first. Nataliia knows the city very well, so she can recommend and book various events for you such the ballet, opera, theatre, circus, cinema, whatever you need, she also has access to various business services should you require it. I can not recommend Nataliia highly enough, you can contact me via Nataliia for a verbal reference should you require it. Nataliia is an excellent English, Russian and Ukrainian teacher, you should employ her remotely before you arrive to learn some basic words.

* Alex has given his permission to supply his email address (alexpsimmons@gmail.com) and is available on request.


Robert Wray

the USA

I am an American who has been to Ukraine several times in the last six years. I have had occasion to use the services of a number of professional translators as I don't speak Russian. I learned that there is a big difference between those that simply offer a word for word translation and a person who takes an interest in me and what I hope to accomplish. Natalia is the best I have ever experienced. She took the time to get to know me as a person and what I was hoping to do. Her skill at the English language is paramount among the many professionals I have had occasion to use. Her skill is not limited to only translation, but as a teacher of English as well I would recommend her to anyone who needs translation or education. I know that I will look forward to benefiting from her services on future occasions.

* Robert has given his permission to supply his email address (rwray8@gmail.com) and is available on request.


Ron Hiller


Friendly, experienced, intelligent, efficient, highly capable, reliable, and very reasonably priced, why would you not use Nataliia?! I relied upon her with great satisfaction during my 2-week visit to Dnipro in March/April, 2017. Highly recommended.

* Ron has given his permission to supply his email address (ronno@ronnosong.com) and is available on request.


Brad Pittman



I was recently in Dnipro to meet with a young woman and we needed an interpreter for a few days. I found Natasha on the internet and engaged her to help us. It was short notice and I know she made changes to her own personal schedule and worked hard to accommodate our unpredictable schedule. She became our friend during those three days and was a resource for us that was indispensable. She made the woman I was there to meet feel at ease, and her translation work was very accurate and her command of English is complete. I will use her services again and, without reservation, recommend anyone reading this to employ her without hesitation. I am a surgeon here in the USA and understand what professionalism means and she gets my highest praise. You are welcome to contact me if you want to have a more personal reference.

* Brad has given his permission to supply his email address (twooutdouble@gmail.com) and is available on request.


Rick Newbold

Washington D.C.


Very knowledgeable, helpful, and punctual. Would definitely recommend. Finding a bi-lingual tour guide is not as easy as it sounds. Thanks for the memories, and we hope to visit your fine city again soon.


Mahdi Mezher


I was in Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepr) in May 2016 and I had Nataliia (Natasha) as my personal guide and interpreter. I found her profile on the internet while I was looking for a guide and interpreter in Dnepr, I wanted to have someone local with me to enjoy my trip and get the best from the city. I read her profile several times and I compared it with others and then I decided to contact her by email. After exchanging several email with her, I realized that she is a very good person and worth to know and use her services. In fact, after seeing her and being with her I would confirm what others wrote about her. As a guide, she is excellent and know exactly where to go and what to do. As an interpreter, she has an excellent control of the English language and many times I felt happy of having her with me because she was interacting and translating very efficiently. As a woman, she is a very attractive, intelligent and well educated woman. She is someone who listens to others and willing to help. Certainly, I will advice anyone who needs a guide and interpreter in Dnepr to contact her and use her services.


Randall Taylor ( American Actor )

Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear Nataliia,

Thank you so much for your translation services on my recent trip to Dnepropetrovsk. I thought you did an excellent job, both with the written material and in the personal meetings I had. I have had many experiences with translators in the past, and in my opinion, you were one of the best I've ever had. You seemed to understand completely almost everything I wanted to express and also were very clear in expressing to me what the other party wanted conveyed. You approached your work in a professional manor, but were also very warm and caring. I enjoyed you company very much. It was a pleasure work with you. And I hope I have a chance to work with you in the future.

Best Wishes,


* Randall has given his permission to supply his email address ( randyready21@gmail.com ) and is available on request.


Dorian Gibson

Jasper, Georgia USA

Should you ever be in the city of Dnepropetrovsk and in need of an interpreter, do not fail to use the services of Natalya. She has been my guardian angel for a week and made absolutely sure that my time in the city was well spent.

This lovely lady puts herself out for her clients and is incredibly hard working.

If ever I return to Dnepropetrovsk I will make sure she is there at the airport to greet me with her wonderful smile and professionalism that is second to none.

Natalya, you are truly wonderful.

I cannot thank you enough.


* Dorian has given his permission to supply his email address (doriangibson@gmail.com) and is available on request.


Wayne Bond

Great Britain

As you can see from the other reviews about Natalya, she is a very smart and professional person. Extremely reliable and trustworthy.

In 2014 I had a variety of situations in Dnepropetrovsk which required the help of an interpreter, ranging from booking an appointment to have my car fixed to talking with lawyers. On every situation she was perfect in her translations and also in her recommendations and suggestions made to me in some situations.

You will find that Nataly is very easy to talk too and I firmly believe she always tries her best when called upon for assistance.

Things you can expect from Natalya are:

High level of English to suit any needs



Great pronunciation

Fantastic knowledge




NOn some occasions she took time off work just to be able to help me, such is her dedication to provide the best service..

In short, Natalya is absolutely the #1 choice for a private guide/tour/interpreter in Dnepropetrovsk. And I write that with 100% confidence.

Brian W

Washington D.C. USA

I visited Dnepropetrovsk and Nataliia was my guide. She gave me a great tour of the city. She helped translate for me as I don't speak Ukrainian or Russian. We kept in constant contact and she was able to help me repair my broken cell phone as well as purchase a space heater for my apartment. She is reliable, highly ethical and very helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions

* Brian has given his permission to supply his email address ( bcwood99@hotmail.com ) and is available on request.


Anssi Paakkonen


I am from Finland, been here and there. On my last passport all continents discovered. Dnipro is one of the most exotic places, best thing is lack of tourism, which makes it very original. People are friendly and caring. I got in touch with Natalya 2-3 months before my stay at Dnipro, and things run very well! She was at the airport when we arrived, with a private driver, Natalya called once in a while to check that things are running ok. I would reccommend her to anyone visting Dnipro, you get so much more from the city her touring you around. Everything is possible in this city with her help, Finnish Sauna, Cruise in the river, or even JET SKI rental : ) Our main reason for the visit was EURO 2012, perhaps would not have considered visit otherwise, but now I feel different, it was more than just football. I highly recommend to get in touch with her!

* Anssi has given his permission to supply his email address (anssipaakkonen@hotmail.com) and is available on request.

Kostas Venetis


Recently I visited Dnipropetrovsk and Natalya was my private guide for the four days I stayed there. I was so impressed by my guide and her knowledge and colorful delivery of information. It was a fantastic experience as she is full of knowledge, energy, and passion for the city. He was knowledgeable, polite, professional, kind, very patient, helpful and so easy to work with. The best tour I have experienced !!! I felt that I have made a new friend by the end of my time together. I will be back again to visit Dnepropetrovsk and definitely spend more time seeing more parts of the town. If you are looking for the best private guide in Dnipropetrovsk then use Natalya, she is fantastic !!!


Ray West


I am a U.S. citizen living in the Washington DC area. In November 2011, I was traveling in Dnepropetrovsk. I hired Natalya for tour guide and translations during my one week stay. She is a very nice, pleasant, reliable, caring and professional guide. I would strongly recommend her service to anyone who is traveling to Dnepropetrovsk. You don't have to worry about being scammed or your safety.

Michael Laine


She once surprised me. Countless times she will again. We met only twice. I felt we'd known each other for the last two years. Three times she was kind and rightful to me. Thousand times I wish I could return the favor.


Thank you so much!

I am very grateful for all these references, they are the best reward for my job! I'll be happy to see you again! You are welcome any time!!!