Welcome to Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk)

one of the most beautiful and modern cities of Ukraine
and the main business, industrial, educational and
cultural centre of Eastern Ukraine!

No journey to Ukraine would be a true one without a visit here

Deemed by Catherine the Great to become the southern capital of the Russian Empire, when founded in 1776, Dnipro today is the third biggest city of Ukraine with population of about 1 million people and area of 400 sq.km.
Dnipro is a green, beautiful, dynamic and lively city. Built on 7 hills overlooking the beautiful peaceful waters of the Dnipro river which is impressively broad here with its picturesque islands and lavishly green river banks, now Dnipro is preserving its historical past, still is a vibrant modern city with a skyscraper line, broad boulevards, Europes longest embankment (23 km), abundant greenery, gorgeous historical parks, bridges and beautiful fountains of water.
Dnipro city is known for its powerful machine building and metallurgical industries as well as its contribution in the economy of the country. In recent past it was one of the key centres of defence (ballistic missiles, including SS-20) and space industries of the former USSR. It was the reason of its closed for foreigners status till 1991 when Ukraine gained independence. Today Dnipro is the centre of Ukrainian aerospace industry.
Tourists are attracted by the city as it possesses a huge number of sights, attractions and offers spectacular museums, galleries and theatres.
The main avenue Yavornitskoho prospect is the major trade artery of the city. Its the most beautiful and remarkable part of the city with plenty of trendy shops and modern shopping centres, excellent restaurants and comfortable cafes. Fashion-shopping is a must for this city as possibilities are numerous and diverse.