Dear visitors,

Welcome to Ukraine and the wonderful city of Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) with its long history, cherished traditions, customs and kind, friendly people!
You can really enjoy your stay here visiting picturesque places, museums and galleries, tour a city that has a mix of old and modern architecture, try delicious Ukrainian cuisine in restaurants catering for all tastes, go to lots of different clubs and entertainment centres and, of course,
communicate with the city's wonderful inhabitants.
Nowadays we take it for granted that the only thing that can help people from different countries to communicate and know each other better is the international language of the world - English. But English isn't widely spoken in Ukraine and it goes without saying that it's quite hard to stay in a country where, due to the language barrier, you have difficulty understanding or face confusing situations during your visit.
Therefore you need a professional interpreter who does her best to make your stay safe, comfortable, enjoyable, exciting and memorable.
It is my pleasure to provide you with the best assistance during your stay in the city.